Dog Coat Fit / Size Guide

All our dog coats are custom-made, so it’s very important that we get the right measurements for your dog.

For each of these measurements that we need to make your dog coat, please measure twice to make sure you have an accurate measurement. If the second measurement is different to the first (more than a few centimetres out), measure a third time until you’re sure you have it right.

Length of the coat

  • The size of a dog coat is the measurement taken from the base of the neck to the base of the tail, as per the diagram below.
  • If you can’t see the base of your dog’s neck, run your fingers down his neck until you find the spot where his shoulder blades start
  • Your dog must be standing up straight while you take your measurement
  • The measurement is the horizontal distance, taken in a straight line
  • Most people who need to exchange coats have over-estimated the size dog coat they need

Dog Coat Sizing Length

If Your Dog Is In Between Sizes

If your dog is in between sizes, use these general rules of thumb:

  • Tail up – round the size down
  • Tail down – round the size up
  • Large, muscular, heavy-set dogs – round the size up
  • Slender, light dogs – round the size down

Coat Drop

Coat drop is where the bottom of the coat will land on your dog, to make sure it covers his belly comfortably. Take a tape measure, and measure from the middle of his back, around his ribs, down to where the coat should land (in cm).

Dog Coat Drop

Your Dog’s Build

It’s also very important that we know the build of your dog, and get measurements of your dog’s chest and neck. Take these girth measurements around the neck and chest, in cm
Dog Coat Sizing Neck & Chest Girth